DapTechnology launches the “FireSpy9x32bT”

World's first 9-bus IEEE 1394b Bus Analyzer

(Nijmegen, the Netherlands, March 8, 2016) DapTechnology, a world-leading supplier of advanced IEEE 1394 protocol analyzers & solutions to the aerospace, defense, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics markets announced today the availability of the new FireSpy9x32bT IEEE-1394 Protocol Analyzer. The FireSpy9x32bT bus analyzer is the world’s first and only 9-channel IEEE-1394 bus analyzer. Based on the 4th Generation bus analyzer architecture, the FireSpy9X32bT, in fact combines nine single-channel FireSpy analyzers into one single IEEE-1394 bus test instrument. The analyzer features an on-board processor that is significantly more powerful, as well as improved host computer connectivity via USB3.

The FireSpy9x32bT boasts 9 IEEE-1394 nodes connected to nine synchronized analysis engines which are driven by three dual-core ARM processors running at 667 MHz. Each node has two connected ports which are each terminated with LEMO push-pull connectors for improved ruggedness. The FireSpy9x32bT is equipped with 15GB of internal memory and features extensive hardware filtering & triggering capabilities. The analyzer can be connected to a host computer using the USB3 interface. On the host, the provided user-friendly GUI may be used to control the FireSpy for analyzing and displaying bus traffic, or alternatively, the available API can be used to author custom control software.

The seamless integration of the SAE AS5643 standard, available as a protocol add-on, makes the FireSpy9x32bT the preferred tool for many aerospace & defense qualification & flight line test solutions. DapTechnology has committed extensive resources and effort to support the SAE AS5643 Standard in all major subsystems of the FireSpy9x32bT. The company continuously updates the analyzer's features & functionality according to implementation requirements and standardization efforts.

“Test coverage, portability, ruggedness & maintainability are key factors to consider when considering manufacturing and flight line test equipment” says Jan de Vries, CEO of DapTechnology. Mr. De Vries adds, “We are continuously striving to empower our customers by providing innovative, affordable & reliable tools that help drive increased productivity.

The FireSpy9x32bT is now available and may be purchased directly from DapTechnology or one of our authorized resellers. Additional information on FireSpy products and DapTechnology may be obtained by visiting www.daptechnology.com or by sending an e-mail to info@daptechnology.com.

About DapTechnology

DapTechnology is a company specializing in products, systems and solutions based on the IEEE-1394 & SAE AS5643 Standards. Since it’s inception in 1998, the company has been working closely with the IEEE-1394 & SAE AS5643 standards development organizations, strategic industry partners and key customers to develop world-class products employing IEEE-1394 & SAE AS5643. The DapTechnology FireSpy IEEE-1394a and IEEE-1394b Protocol Analyzer products have gained worldwide acceptance and is currently being used in various aerospace & defense, industrial, consumer electronics and automotive product development efforts. Dap Technology’s business growth in recent years is a testament of the company’s commitment to meticulous engineering disciplines, exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.

Both DapTechnology B.V. and DapUSA, Inc. are owned by DapHolding BV. DapUSA, based in Phoenix, AZ, was formed in 2005 to address the ever-growing North American market for IEEE-1394 systems and solutions.

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