Can IP solutions trigger AS5643-2.0?

(Oldenzaal, the Netherlands, March 2018) DapTechnology B.V. today released this whitepaper regarding the future outlook for AS5643.

FPGAs are becoming widely accepted in avionics applications due to their significant advantages for introducing technological innovation. Furthermore, the need for customized solutions, critical bug fixes together with specific enhancements for the IEEE1394 and AS5643 interface is gaining in importance in order to provide more reliable, stable and mature avionics systems.  Looking at it in the big picture, IP-based AS5643 interface solutions can be the  trigger for a new generation of AS5643 functionality, interface definition and system performance. At a minimum IP solutions can be a development bread-boarding and testing platform for a later integration within silicon or ASICs. However, with modern FPGAs becoming more powerful together with affordable pricing, the costs for such silicon development, testing and verification likely will become prohibitive.

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