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FireSpy® Bus Analyzer Solutions

DapTechnology offers a series of IEEE1394 data analyzers which have proven their capabilities in several areas of 1394 testing. Focusing primarily on Link, Transaction and Protocol layer analysis all FireSpys feature a suite of analysis and testing functions unmatched in the industry!

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Advanced 1394 Interface Solutions

DapTechnology offers a new line of advanced interface solutions. The product line with form the basics for Dap's continued involvement in the A&D market and focuses on advanced simulation, error verification and testing requirement for 1394 and AS5643. This line will grow over the next months with FireTracTM currently being the cornerstone of this new line.


1394 Interface Solutions

DapTechnology offers a line of flexible interface solutions. Besides consumer grade media converters this line also includes AS5643 compliant single/multi-channel repeaters as well as PCI/PMC adapter cards.



1394b IP Solutions

The DapTechnology FireLink® 1394b Link Layer Controller IP Core provides a flexible IEEE 1394b Link Layer hardware design IP core which is currently implemented on the Xilinx Virtex II Pro FPGA platform. The IEEE 1394b VHDL core engine, which has been field proven on our IEEE 1394b FireSpy® Analyzers for several years, is now packaged and productized as a reference design kit, with licensing for netlist, binary and source code for developers wishing to integrate IEEE 1394b embedded targets.


Integrated Solutions

In this product line-up DapTechnology uses existing building blocks (e.g. FireSPy analyzer, FireTrac cards, IP solutions) for dedicated applications. Such turnkey solutions are targeted for high-volume testing needs and/or for specialized verification requirements in industrial, manufacturing and aerospace applications.



IEEE1394b/AS5643/FireSpy Training

DapTechnology IEEE 1394/AS5643/FireSpy® Training Workshops provide a rich hands-on forum for existing FireSpy® users, both novice and experienced, to learn new tricks, share ideas and stay tuned to current technology/feature updates to the products. Separate training modules are available for generic IEEE1394 as well as AS5643 training sessions.


Engineering Servies and Technology Consulting

DapTechnology offers high quality 1394 related Engineering and Consulting Services.



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