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Capturing increasing AS5643 moment in Japan with new distribution partner Nacelle

DapTechnology announces a new distribution alliance in Japan with Nacelle Ltd. The goal is to capture market share in the growing Asian AS5643 momentum.


DapTechnology launches Webshop

DapTechnology proudly announces the launch of its webshop. The intent is to make purchases for "accessory"-like products a lot easier for our customer base. Over the next weeks we will continuously grow the number of products we sell through the webshop.


DapTechnology releases 1394/AS5643 IP for Microsemi IGLOO2 and SmartFusion2 FPGA devices

DapTechnology B.V. today announced the immediate availability of FireCore General Purpose Link (GPLink) for the Microsemi (now Microchip) IGLOO2 and SmartFusion2 FPGA devices.


Automated Test Environment for AS5657 Verification

DapTechnology B.V. today announced the release of the world's first automated test equipment for AS5657 compliance verification. The AS5657 Automated Test Environment (AS5657-ATE) is designed to automate device compliance testing according to the SAE-AS5657 “Test Plan/Procedure for AS5643 IEEE-1394b Interface Requirements for Military and Aerospace...


Patents awarded

DapTechnology B.V. announced that three of its patent applications regarding IEEE-1394 technology have been awarded by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Two more applications are currently under review by the USPTO and awards are pending.