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on innovating IEEE-1394 and AS5643 technology

FireDiagnostics Suite 5.0

Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Today, DapTechnology has released a new version of its FireDiagnostics Suite software. This software release adds two new devices to the list of supported FireSpy analyzers, FireSpy1600 and FireSpy3200. The 1394 Low-Level Symbol Recorder is a new mode of operation for FireStealth that enables capturing raw 1394 bit...


IEEE-1394 and AS5643 bring deterministic networking to high reliability Mil-Aero designs

For years, IEEE-1394 (FireWire) has been a successful and popular consumer electronics and computer interface. While that is true, the strongest design activity recently has been in other sectors. Over the past 17 years IEEE-1394 has been gaining traction as an aerospace and defense (A&D) high-speed interface and is used in programs such as the...


DapTechnology releases 1394 Low-Level Symbol Recorder

(Nijmegen, The Netherlands, October 9, 2012) -- DapTechnology, a world-leading supplier of advanced IEEE 1394 technology solutions to the aerospace, defense, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics markets announced today the availability of the 1394 Low-Level Symbol Recorder module for their FireStealth Analyzer product line.


DapTechnology Fires Up World’s First 3.2 Gigabit IEEE 1394b FireWire SOC Solution

DapTechnology, a world-leading supplier ofadvanced IEEE 1394 protocol analyzers and solutions to the aerospace, defense, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics markets, announced today that the company successfully demonstrated the world’s first high speed S3200 3.2 Gigabit IEEE 1394b FireWire system-on-a-chip (SOC) solution at VISION 2009...