Interface Solutions Extended OHCI

IEEE-1394 and AS5643 compliant.
Ideal and powerful together with FireStack.

FireTrac® Advanced AS5643 Host I/O Card

FireTrac® is a powerful product line designed to complement DapTechnology’s successful FireSpy® and FireAdapter product lines. It clearly is the next generation AS5643 data processing, simulation and testing solution.

DapTechnology has seen an increasing demand for more streamlined hardware systems for the processing of AS5643 (and generic 1394) data streams. Customers get more and more involved in monitoring the actual data content rather than the 1394 layer. And for simulation purposes they require advanced error insertion capabilities that can only be accomplished with non-off-the-shelf Link Layer implementations. IRIG time-stamping of monitored events on the bus is a typical requirement.

Key features

  • IEEE 1394b-2002
  • SAE AS5643 and Mil1394 enhancements
  • S200b, S400b transfer rates
  • 3 independent bus channels (FireLink, PHY, transformers)
  • 9 active transformer coupled FireWire ports (adapter cable)
  • PMC form factor with carrier cards (PCI, PCIe, cPCI, etc…)
  • PCI-X 2.0a Host Interface,
  • PCI Specification 3.0 compliant
  • DMA Transfer (sustained 3x 400Mb/s 1394 bus traffic at max bus load)
  • IRIG B122 and IEEE1344
  • Field-upgradable
  • Support for:
    • MS Windows
    • Linux
    • VxWorks
    • LabView (RT)
    • LabWindows (RT)
    • IRIX
  • C/C++ API
  • Abstraction Layers for Operating System (OSAL) and Link (LAL)


Product Life Cycle Status



Initial Release/Shipping: Aug. 2019

  FireTrac3460bT V3 Initial Release/Shipping: Dec. 2008



FireTrac3460bT V1/V2


QuickSpecs - Configuration


PHY and number of buses Link Layer Connectivity (per bus)

Host Interface

FireTrac 4x24bT

FT4424bT: 4x TSB41BA3 (or newer)

FT4824bT: 4x TSB81BA3 (or newer)

3x FireLink Extended IP Core

Extended OHCI

Mil1394 Module

4x Transformer-Coupled Ports 

SFF-8614 (interleaved)

S200b-S400b / S400b-S800b

Optionally an S100b-S200b version is available

PCI Express 2.0
four Lane

FireTrac 3460bT

3x TSB41BA3

3x FireLink Extended IP Core

Extended OHCI

Mil1394 Module

3x Transformer-Coupled Ports 

High-Density Connector

S200b and S400b

Optionally an S100b-S200b version is available

PMC Form factor

PCI-X 2.0a and PCI 3.0

Carrier Cards available for

PCIe, PCI, cPCI, PXIe, ...