FireDiagnostics Suite 7.0 Series

This software release supports the new PCI Express Generation 4 FireSpy models and their advanced capabilities. The first two models released are the FireSpy3422bT and FireSpy3822bT. These devices support 4GByte recordings, 4-Lane Gen2 PCI Express communication and many other performance improvements over pre-Gen4 FireSpy models. 

The 7.0 Software Series was redeveloped on top of a modern state-of-the-art GUI Foundation. This was needed to future-proof the FireDiagnostics Suite code base for many years to come. As a positive side effect this has enabled us to improve and refine the look and style of the FireDiagnostics Suite applications. Please click here for screenshots.

For Generation 4 FireSpy models there is also a new Mil1394 Player module that makes it possible to playback AS5643 stream data from a previously made FireSpy Recording.

Key New Features

  • New GUI Style and look
  • Support for PCI Express Gen4 FireSpy models
    • FireSpy 3422bT and 3822bT
    • 4-Lane Gen2 PCI Express communication performance
  • Gen4 Models Enhancements:
    • New Mil1394 Player module
    • Increased number of AS5643 messages/slots per frame throughout the applications (Generator, Scriptor, API)

Older Software Versions

Requirements & lifecycle

Lifecycle Initial release November 2018
  End of support November 2023
License   License Validation 18.11 (November-2018) or later to control a connected FireSpy
    Runs in demo/viewer mode without license
Operating Systems   Windows 7/2012 SP1 and later with KB3033929 and SHA2 support installed
    Windows 8 with SHA2 support installed
    Windows 10/2016
FireSpy Models Gen1 FireSpy 400b, 800
  Gen2 FireSpy 410, 410b, 410bT, 410bT1, 450b, 450bT, 450bT1, 810, 850
    3850, 3852, 3470bT, 3410bT, 3410bT1, 3810, 3811
    FireStealth 810bN
  Gen3 FireSpy 1600, 3200
  Gen4 FireSpy 3430b, 3430bT, 3830, 3830bT
    FireSpy 3422bT, 3822bT
    FireSpy 430bT, 430b, 830bT, 830
    FireSpy 4430bT, 4430b, 4830bT, 4830
    FireSpy 3432bT, 3832bT
    FireSpy 6432bT, 6832bT
    FireSpy 9432bT, 9832bT, 9433bT-RGD

FireDiagnostics Suite Release Notes

FireDiagnostics Suite version 7.0.7 (2020-06-23)

  • Embedded Software
    • Integrate Gen4 FireSpy Embedded Software version 88
  • Mil1394 Player
    • Loop mode
    • User-configurable frame sync mode on start

FireDiagnostics Suite version 7.0.6 (2020-04-22)

  • Embedded Software
    • Integrate Gen4 FireSpy Embedded Software version 87
  • Script Runner
    • Fixed a problem that caused ScriptRunner to show an empty Control Panel for scripts compiled with an older version of the software
  • Scriptor
    • Fixed a problem that would occur when closing the application while a breakpoint is set in the Scriptor
    • Fixed upper limit calculation in processBack() function in AS5643 CC example script
    • Gen4 FireSpys: Fixed incorrect endianness used by readFile() and writeFile() functions
  • Settings
    • Gen4 FireSpys: Fixed a problem that would occur when changing the memory test settings

Gen4 FireSpy Embedded Software version 87 (2020-04-20)

  • Scriptor
    • Fixed a problem that prevented the Scriptor from running on single bus Gen4 analyzers

FireDiagnostics Suite version 7.0.5 (2020-03-10)

  • General
    • All SHA1-based signatures have been removed from device drivers
    • Fixed a problem that would prevent a second FireSpy application instance from using a Group serial number for licensing

FireDiagnostics Suite version 7.0.4 (2020-02-27)

  • Gen4 FireSpy
    • Fixed a problem where opening a Gen4 triple analyzer from the command line did not work as expected.
  • General
    • Fixed a problem with USB FireSpy models that would occur if another USB device is connected with a very long device path (occurs e.g. with iPhone connected)
  • License Manager
    • Fixed Group Licensing functionality
  • Manual
    • Added documentation for the following FireSpy models: FS3432bT/FS3832bT and FS430b(T)/FS830(bT)
    • Quick start guides for Gen4 FireSpy models have been split in separate model-specific documents
  • Monitor
    • Minor GUI update
  • Script Runner
    • Fixed a problem that prevented the Scriptrunner from executing scripts
  • Settings
    • Fixed a problem that occurred when changing the alternate device name

FireDiagnostics Suite version 7.0.3 (2020-01-12)

  • API
    • Increased maximum number of Mil1394 TX packets per frame from 63 to 126 (Gen4 FireSpy models only)
  • Commander
    • Support editing and writing local PHY register contents using raw bytes formatting
  • Embedded Software
    • Integrate Gen4 FireSpy Embedded Software version 86
  • Firmware
    • Integrate xFSG4USB3 (Gen4 FireSpy USB3 Engine) version 8
  • Format Editor
    • Command line option for opening format definition file
  • Gen4 FireSpy
    • Disable memory check feature on FireSpy3422bT since it is not (yet) supported
    • More robust recovery from fallback firmware
    • Properly update settings file when switching between Normal/Mil1394 mode
    • Support for the new FireSpy430bT, 430b, 830bT and 830
  • Generator
    • Increased maximum number of slots from 63 to 126 (Gen4 FireSpy Models only)
  • License Manager
    • Context menu for license key list now works properly
  • Mil1394 Player
    • Channel check-boxes are now grayed-out during playback
    • Improved handling of files with heavily varying frame lengths
    • Increased maximum number of packets per frame from 63 to 126
    • Packet counter no longer updates on packets queued but on packets transmitted
    • Packet counters now correctly handle enabling/disabling STOF transmission
  • Recorder
    • Correctly show AS5643 protocol errors
    • Exporting to Regeneration file format now correctly handles non-stream packets
    • Fixed the IIDC video frame player
    • Format sets are now correctly loaded if recording file provided on command line (or double click Recording file)
    • Time View now correctly scrolls to packets when they are selected in other Recorder Views
  • Scriptor
    • Fixed the range of horizontal Slider Widgets on Control Panel
    • Increased maximum number sendPacketNextFrame() calls per frame from 63 to 126 (Gen4 FireSpy models only)
    • Lock debug mode setting while script is running
    • Minor GUI updates to Script Editor Properties tab
  • Topology
    • Fixed Vendor name lookup based on EUI64

Gen4 FireSpy Embedded Software version 86 (2019-12-19)

  • Firmware
    • Integrate Gen4 FireSpy Engine version 7
  • Mil1394 Player
    • Improved transmission time resolution from 1.3us to 0.6us

Gen4 FireSpy Engine version 7 (2019-12-09)

  • VHDL
    • Increased maximum number of Mil1394 Tx packets per frame from 63 to 126

xFSG4USB3 (Gen4 FireSpy USB3 Engine) version 8 (2019-12-08)

  • Misc
    • Support for the new FireSpy430bT, 430b, 830bT and 830

FireDiagnostics Suite version 7.0.2 (2019-09-23)

  • Embedded Software
    • Integrate Gen4 FireSpy Embedded Software version 85
  • Ethernet
    • Ethernet config now loads mode settings properly
  • General
    • Fixed a problem where under very specific circumstances USB3-connected Gen4 analyzer models do not correctly configure
  • License Manager
    • Fixed a problem that occurs on application start if temporary license keys are present
    • Fixed Temporary license keys on Gen4 FireSpy models
  • Mil1394 Player
    • Corrected the behavior of the End Time indicator under heavy load
    • In case of external sync, use sync margin according to AS5643 specification
    • Stability and performance improvements
  • Monitor
    • Fixed a problem with the Bus Configuration dialog
  • Protocol Editor
    • Fixed loading format sets from user-defined directories
  • Recorder
    • Fixed loading of Custom Protocols
    • New feature to export directly to Mil1394 Player
  • Scriptor
    • Allow compilation of scripts stored in read-only folders
    • FireSpy3422bT: Fixed Scriptor function GetSerialNumber
  • Settings
    • Fixed custom directory settings for Format Sets, Protocols and Icons

Gen4 FireSpy Embedded Software version 85 (2019-09-12)

  • Firmware
    • Integrate Gen4 FireSpy Engine version 6
  • IEEE-1394
    • FireSpy3422bT: Fix PHY startup problem in very rare situations. After installing this release, FireSpy3422bT will not work anymore on versions prior to 7.0.2.

Gen4 FireSpy Engine version 6 (2019-08-29)

  • PCIe Endpoint
    • FireSpy3422bT: PCIe Core Enhancements

FireDiagnostics Suite version 7.0.1 (2019-07-18)

  • API
    • Minimum memory allocation for API increased from 0 to 1MB
  • Control Panel
    • Fixed a problem with alarm sounds when multiple controls have an alarm sound
    • Fixed alarm sounds not working (introduced in 7.0)
  • Gen4 FireSpy
    • Fixed a problem where Gen4 FireSpy models do not boot correctly when the Device Selection dialog is open during power-on
  • General
    • Fixed scrollbar behavior in tables
  • Installer
    • Use MS Attestation Signed Drivers on Windows Server 2016
  • Mil1394 Player
    • Added Standalone Mil1394 Player application
    • Fixed some problems that occurred when loading a file after another file was loaded
    • Fixed total time calculation in case not playing all channels
    • Improved error handling for unsupported files
    • Improved node synchronization when playing on multiple nodes of a FireSpy
    • Support for .rgn files in STOF offset timing format
    • Support playback of packets before first STOF in file
  • Mil1394 Signal Monitor
    • Meaningful row header titles in Enum value editor
  • Monitor
    • Minor GUI improvements
  • Scriptor
    • Fixed an issue with navigating to an object using the Object Browser view
  • Settings
    • Fixed memory allocation settings for Gen4 FireSpy models with USB3 host connectivity

FireDiagnostics Suite version 7.0 (2019-05-20)

  • Commander
    • Fixed a problem in Vendor-specific field decoding for Stream packets with tag equal to 3
  • Embedded Software
    • Final AUX pin assignment of FireSpy3422bT
    • Fixed support for 6 and 9 bus FireSpy models (broken in 7.0 beta 7)
    • Gen4 FireSpy: Reset Fan controller on startup
  • Ethernet
    • Fixed a non-responding issue after writing firmware
    • Support for Symbol Recorder firmware
  • Monitor
    • Fixed display of bus voltages
    • Improved device, unit and node labeling
  • PCIe Drivers
    • Improved error checking
  • Recorder
    • Fixed a problem with the scroll bars in the Time View
    • Fixed mouse scroll wheel behavior in TimeView
    • Minor GUI refinements
  • Scriptor
    • Gen4 FireSpy: Fixed getSerialNumber() function
    • Gen4 FireSpy: Fixed writeLine() function

FireDiagnostics Suite version 7.0 beta7 (2019-02-12)

  • Embedded Software
    • Do not show fan speed for FireSpy3x22bT
    • Gen4 FireSpy models: Performance improvements for Signal Extractor and Monitor
  • Gen4 FireSpy
    • Device Selection dialog improvements for single-unit FireSpy models
  • General
    • Fixed handling of command line options
  • Recorder
    • Fixed behavior of hide/unhide packet menu items
  • Scriptor
    • Fixed a problem in the fileOpen() function
    • Fixed the file selector on Control Panel
    • Minor GUI refinements
  • Settings
    • Fixed malfunctioning of Apply/Discard buttons

FireDiagnostics Suite version 7.0 beta6 (2019-01-16)

  • Control Panel
    • Fixed copy-paste functionality
  • Device Monitor
    • Correctly display serial number of Gen2 USB FireSpy models
  • Filter/Trigger
    • Gen4: Automatically start the trigger sequencer when Recorder starts
    • Prevent first trigger sequencer item from executing twice
  • Gen4 FireSpy
    • Fixed a problem where send/receive module locks up under very specific circumstances
  • General
    • Support for the new FireSpy4430bT(1), FireSpy4430b, FireSpy4830bT and FireSpy4830 FireSpy models
  • Recorder
    • Fixed packet details panel in Mil1394 Protocol View
    • Improved Multi-Recorder time sync configuration

FireDiagnostics Suite version 7.0 beta5 (2018-12-20)

  • Control Panel
    • Performance Optimizations
  • Filter/Trigger
    • FireSpy3x22bT: Filter/Trigger now also operational
  • PCIe Drivers
    • Fixed a problem that could cause BSOD under high memory demand

FireDiagnostics Suite version 7.0 beta4 (2018-12-13)

  • Embedded Software
    • FireSpy3422bT: Fixed a problem causing Monitor to sometimes miss events
  • PCIe Drivers
    • Fixed a driver load problem that could lead to BSOD
  • Recorder
    • Fixed a problem with marking/unmarking packets
    • Fixed the Source Packet display in Protocol View
    • Resurrected missing Packet Info in Mil1394 protocol View
  • Scriptor
    • Fixed a problem in the data editor file import functionality

FireDiagnostics Suite version 7.0 beta3 (2018-12-06)

  • Embedded Software
    • FireSpy3x22bT: Major stability improvement
  • General
    • Minor fixes to graphical user interface
    • Reduced minimum size of all main windows
  • Generator
    • Fixed check boxes in Slot definitions window
  • License Manager
    • Correctly display Gen4 FireSpy licenses stored on host computer
  • Monitor
    • FireSpy3x22bT: Option to clear individual counters
  • PCIe Drivers
    • FireSpy3x22bT: Support controlling FireSpy from multiple applications
  • Recorder
    • Fixed scaling of Time View scrollbar
  • Scriptor
    • Correctly display Tooltips in script editor window
    • FireSpy3x22bT: Support for the IBC Connector
    • Fixed a problem with large data items in Hex editor on Scriptor Data editor tab
    • Fixed check boxes for macro properties
  • Settings
    • Correctly save selected FireSpy Mode for Gen4 USB3 FireSpy models

FireDiagnostics Suite version 7.0 beta2 (2018-11-22)

  • Control Panel
    • Fixed a range issue in the History Plot view
  • Embedded Software
    • FireSpy3422bT: Fixed Mil1394 Transmit API Initialization
    • FireSpy3x22bT: AUX port and Time Synchronization support
    • FireSpy3x22bT: Fixed a problem where it was not possible to record only on one or two nodes out of three
  • General
    • Fixed a problem in the External Time Synchronization settings
    • Fixed a problem that would occur when opening a file after downloading a recording
    • Improved error feedback on device open failure
  • License Manager
    • Fixes some issues with the License key dialog
  • Scriptor
    • Fixed an auto-scroll related issue in the Scriptor Hex Data Editor
    • LEDs are now the same size as on pre-7.0 series software
    • Slider and Thermo widgets now default to color red

FireDiagnostics Suite version 7.0 beta1 (2018-11-14)

  • General
    • Integrated a new and modern foundation for the FireSpy GUI applications
    • Refined and modernized GUI Look and Style
    • Support for the new FireSpy3422bT and FireSpy3822bT
  • Monitor
    • Toolbuttons for Window and Bus configuration
  • Recorder
    • Toolbuttons for Search and Filter/Trigger