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IEEE-1394 and AS5643 Connectivity Solutions

DapTechnology offers a series of powerful interconnection products. They range from cables and harnesses, to single- and multi-bus repeaters (copper-to-copper repeater (CCR) and extend to media converters (copper-to-optical repeater (COR). Many of these solutions are custom and built to meet very specific customer requirements. But there are several COTS products as well and especially with the CCRs we have developed a design and production methodology that puts these repeaters into the COTS domain.

Repeater usage considerations

In IEEE-1394 the cable length is rather limited. AS5643 extends obtainable length significantly by adding transformers as well as defines the types of cables and connectors. Still, quite often this is not enough. Then repeaters are very useful to add another cable run. As repeaters are typically built using 1394 PHY layer devices the number of repeater elements is only limited by the total number of devices on a single 1394 bus (i.e. 63), the number of devices in a single chain (i.e. 16) as well as the available bus power (not applicable if the repeaters are self-powered which is typically the case in AS5643 implementations). For in-line extensions repeaters are typically built in a pass-through configuration, i.e. connectors to either side of the enclosure connected to different ports on the same PHY.

Another interesting usage mode is to use the repeater as node replacements. Assume you are building a complex A&D system. And further assume that - while your system is already built - a single device is missing (not available yet or missing because of damage/repair/...). Depending on your network configuration that can result that some devices on your bus might no longer be connected to the rest. However, when using the repeater as a node replacement the bus integrity can be maintained on a physical level. Granted the repeater will have no higher-level functionality but at least all nodes are still connected. In this case a pass-through connector configuration is not ideal and is better replaced with running multiple port connections through a single 38999 connector.

Cables and Harnesses

Most of DapTechnology's cables and cable assemblies are related to specific products, i.e. they provide the adequate off-product connectivity as due to space constraints specialized connectivity has to be used. For example, 38999 connectors do not fit on a standard PCI or PMC bracket. Or due to the large number of connections special high-density connectors (VHDCI, SCSI2) or very small connectors (LEMO) have to be used on FireSpys, FireTrac, etc.. DapTechnology provides the suitable cables to interconnect to other bus devices.

DapTechnology also builds special cables and harnesses for specific AS5643 requirements and needs. Please talk to us in order to see how you can benefit from our experiences and know-how in high-speed and signal-integrity-critical applications.