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FireSpy - 4th Generation

A Complete Set

With the release of the FireSpy830/430b(T) single bus analyzers, DapTechnology has now completed the suite of 4th generation analyzers. We now offer tools for the typical number (1, 3, 4, 6, 9) of buses that need to be analyzed at the same time.

The 4th generation represents the latest generation of IEEE-1394 and MIL1394 bus analyzers. And together with the latest version of the FireDiagnostic Suite we provide the very best that IEEE-1394 bus analysis can offer. Make sure that you check out  the Gen4 models for your next purchase of a FireSpy bus analyzer!

With the completion of the 4th-generation set DapTechnology now recommends this platform for new designs.

AS5643 Cockpit Demo

Starting an AS5643 project with little to no experience in that area can be a challenging undertaking. Especially the fact that no reference implementations are available and most companies are only involved in the development of a single sub-system makes it difficult to oversee the complete picture. In order to address these typical problems DapTechnology came up with the idea of building a demo that contains key aspects of a typical AS5643 implementation with unclassified AS5643 Slash sheets and ICDs and build upon COTS products and components.

Featured Products & Services

DapTechnology offers a series of state-of-the-art products targeting predominantly the usage within Aerospace and Defense (A&D) applications. Our portfolio of analysis and interface products covers a wide range of IEEE-1394 and AS5643 needs. They will provide you with the tools to overcome even the toughest implementation challenges.


About DapTechnology B.V.

Founded in 1998 in Nijmegen, Netherlands, DapTechnology B.V. is a company specializing in products, systems and solutions based on the IEEE-1394 and SAE AS5643 Standards. Ever since, the company has been working closely with the IEEE-1394 and SAE AS5643 standards development organizations, strategic industry partners and key customers to develop world-class products using IEEE-1394.

Today, DapTechnology is an internationally represented company with customers located worldwide and offices in The Netherlands, the United States of America and Canada. The company also has key representatives in Asia, Europe and North America.

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